Anthony Scaramucci Plugs Musical Parodying Trump's Family Fracas

The former White House Director of Communications holds his second-ever press conference,but it's for a new Off-Broadway musical lampooning the Trump family.

没人料到安东尼·斯卡拉姆奇to go quietly into the night after his dramatic 10-day tenure as the White House's Director of Communications ended with him calling then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus a "paranoid schizophrenic" in an interview he initiated withThe New Yorker.

在退出舞台将近一年之后,Scaramucci has taken a real turn (a Rose's turn?)在聚光灯下。Despite his record of steadfastly supporting the President on cable news,"The Mooch" has slowly drifted left in histepid Twitter criticisms唐纳德·特朗普总统。最近,he even helped announce a new satirical musical about the President and his spawn,“呼叫”The Trump Family Special,"which will run at New York's Triad Theater from September 13 to December 6.

"I always wanted a second White House press conference but I couldn't get one," Scaramucci sarcastically exclaimed to reporters at the production's launch event.

According to the musical's creative team,这位前白宫通讯官员同意帮助宣布该节目,因为他认识该节目的作曲家。.Director and writer Danny Salles tells金博宝188斯卡拉姆奇的极度过敏“很有幽默感。To his credit,he didn't shy away from the political leanings of the show,but found the funny in it."

After a brief introduction from Scaramucci,the cast filed into the room as cartoonish impersonations of Ivanaka,Ivana,Eric,and Donald Jr.Trump.(玛拉·马普莱斯也在这里,because why not?) The quintet sang an introductory song from "Trump Family Special," which included such jaw-dropping rhymes as,"Don't believe our bad New York reviews/ Written by the liberal fake news/ That's code for Jews."

萨利斯说,该节目提供的原创歌曲朗朗上口,往往也咬。"The family members are devilishly drawn to capture the nefarious ways of the Trumps,but oddly ‘lovable' in their villainy," he added.“我认为这让节目令人惊讶和愉快,而不是愤怒的咆哮,很快就变老了。”

Gina Gershon as Melania Trump ( screenshot通过YouTube)

也许比该剧的歌词(如果可能的话)更令人震惊的是演员吉娜·格肖恩扮演的梅兰妮娅·特朗普。以她在邪教电影中的突破训练班而闻名,歌舞女郎,格肖恩和弗洛图斯有着惊人的相似之处,这实在令人不安。(她以前在喜剧网站上扮演过梅兰妮娅,Funny or Die.)

The creative team behind "Trump Family Special" started their musical endeavor because of the political divide in America between Trump's supporters and detractors.“我的头将从当前的政治现实中爆炸,”Salles补充道。"There is so much anger out there (much deserved) that civil conversation is becoming impossible.我写这部喜剧是因为笑能让人放松,缓解紧张。”

This isnot the first musical关于唐纳德·特朗普,这肯定不会是最后一次考虑到美国总统的超大人品和浮肿的名人个性。对于白宫更为严肃的旋律调查,though,there are actually a handful of options. One critically acclaimed example is "First Lady Suite," a chamber musical outlining the women of the Nixon,Carter,Ford,里根,and Bush administrations which premiered at The Public Theater in 1993.(该节目也有一个名为“的后续条目”First Daughter Suite" in 2015.)

There's a growing interest in New York's theater scene for more musical satires of contentious current events.Just last summer,"PharmaBro“以6周的时间在百老汇外首映,limited-engagement run at The Players Theatre.它甚至被提名为Best New Musical of 2017–2018 by the Off-Broadway Alliance.That show imaginesthe Wu-Tang Clan stealing back their one-of-a-kindOnce Upon a Time in Shaolin马丁·什克利的专辑。For reference,Shkreli is serving seven years in prison for illegally jacking up the price of a vital medication used against AIDS-related illnesses.在他的信念,shkreli经常在社交媒体上吹嘘说,他有能力逃避法律对他的行为的影响。Hm,我想知道that reminds me of?

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