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US Postal Service Releases Vibrant Ellsworth Kelly Stamp Collection

The stamps feature tiny reproductions of ten paintings by Kelly,one of America's great 20th-century abstractionists.

The Ellsworth Kelly stamp collection (image courtesy of USPS)

The US Postal Service is releasing a new collection of stamps honoring Ellsworth Kelly,one of America's great 20th-century abstractionists,whodiedat age 92 in 2015.

Kelly,who worked as a designer of camouflage patterns while in the Army,was known for his vibrant,hard-edged color fields."I'm not a geometric artist," he onceinsisted,despite his frequent use of crisp geometric shapes."Geometry is moribund.I want a lilt and joy to art.My forms are geometric,but they don't interact in a geometric sense.They're just forms that exist everywhere,even if you don't see them."

The stamps feature tiny reproductions of ten of Kelly's candy-colored paintings:YellowWhite(1961),Colors for a Large Wall(1951),Blue Red Rocker(1963),Spectrum I(1953),South Ferry(1956),Blue Green(1962),Orange Red Relief (for Delphine Seyrig)(1990),Meschers(1951),Red Blue(1964),andGaza(1956).

In 2007,Kelly's paintingSpectrum VI (in 13 parts)(1969)soldfor $5.2 million at auction.At 55 cents apiece,these stamps are a bargain.

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