The rapid pace of reconstruction news means we're breaking down the most important stories into a reader's digest.

Notre-Dame this morning after the firefighters extinguished the flames (photo by Joseph Nechvatal for 金博宝188Hyperallergic)

Despite天启之火burning through its roof,圣母大教堂仍在矗立。但是现在教会面临着一种不同的火灾——让政治家们感到愤怒的火灾,clergymen,historians,and preservationists against each other as officials decide on a path forward for the church.



  • 麦克龙有vowed to rebuildNotre-Dame in five years,riding on a crest of public support that followed the fire catastrophe."We have so much to rebuild," Macron said in a televised address to the nation."We will rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral even more beautifully.我们可以做到这一点,再一次,我们将动员起来。”
    • 建筑专家说,如果建筑商采取必要的预防措施和保护措施,这个项目可能需要三倍以上的时间;其他人说40年.By comparison,第二次世界大战期间,德国的科隆大教堂严重受损,70多年后仍在进行修复工作。
    • But Macron remains determined;Paris is set to host the2024 Summer Olympics五年。

French prime minister launches an international competition to rebuild Notre-Dame's collapsed spire

  • 在重建问题特别内阁会议上发言,French prime minister Edouard Philippe described plans to rebuild the 305-feet-tall spire "a huge challenge" and "historic responsibility."
  • Specifics for the competition have not yet been announced,但菲利普说,他希望有一个“适应时代技术和挑战的尖顶”。
    • 他的评论提请批评(and memes!) online from preservationists dreading what contemporary changes could be in store for the landmark.

Former French culture minister and billionaire art advisor believes donors should receive an immense tax deduction for their generosity

  • Jean-Jacques Aillagon建议流入圣母院钱包的巨额捐款应该得到90%的减税。顺便说一下,法国前文化部长现为皮诺艺术收藏馆馆长,是该家族的亲密顾问,它最近承诺1亿欧元(约1.13亿美元)用于重建。
    • 在他任职期间,艾拉贡提出了一项法律2003年,该法案允许企业获得高达60%的税收优惠,以获得赞助。
    • After his comments drew criticism,皮诺家族发表了一份声明,明确表示他们不会利用任何税收优惠来进行捐赠。


  • 仅在大火发生两天后,亿万富翁和品牌就认捐了近10亿美元。法国一些最富有的家庭发誓要为这个项目捐款超过5亿美元。
    • Many companies with a French connection have taken up the cause.迪士尼,which produced the animated feature圣母院的驼背,已经捐赠了500万美元。
    • In addition to monetary support,video game publisher Ubisoft has提供技术援助重建工作。(The company built an intricate 3D model of the cathedral for the 2014 entry of theirAssassin's Creedfranchise,下周哪些PC用户可以免费下载。)
    • Separately,各种基督教非营利组织都组织了捐赠活动。天主教连接,a faith-based group from Texas,在上筹集了超过11000美元GoFundMe.

The Louvre is slated for the custodianship of Notre-Dame's art collection

  • After being stored in the Hotel de Ville,Notre-Dame's trove of cultural and religious objects are设置为运输去卢浮宫博物馆保管和修复。
    • 卢浮宫的一位发言人说,现在说博物馆将收藏哪些物品还为时过早。"The fire is a disaster for the world heritage of humanity,for our city,for all of us.卢浮宫博物馆想表达它对所有相关团队的团结和同情,”她继续说。


  • “并不是它们被设计成被烧毁,但它的设计是这样的,如果屋顶被烧掉,“火很难蔓延到建筑物的其他部分,”哥特式建筑专家LisaReilly说。Citylab.“在中世纪,the thought was that stone vaults [could be] used to prevent the spread of fire."
  • Others have lamented that "the forest" — a name given to the network of wooden support beams below the roof — was a tinderbox waiting to happen because of its extremely dry conditions.
    • 赖利的投入增加了话语的细微差别,arguing that "the best-case scenario would be that the fire [at Notre-Dame] is limited to the ceiling and the roof structure," Rispoli says.“下面的许多建筑都完好无损。”

Extremists appropriate destruction as a dog whistle for Islamophobia

  • Despite officials classifying the fire as an accident,白人民族主义者利用这座燃烧的大教堂的图像,提出了毫无根据的犯规指控。Some linked to reports of被挫败的2016年汽车炸弹阴谋as if it were the cause of this week's fire (it was not).
  • 不需要翻阅这些阴谋理论的数字垃圾堆,但是Buzzfeed新闻时间线在塔里亚·拉文提供a good analysis在Twitter上聊天华盛顿邮报.


  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders昨天宣布that the White House would offer assistance to Notre-Dame.Trump later specified in a鸣叫援助可能以专业知识的形式提供,而不是以金钱的形式提供。总统还指出,他分别致电教皇弗朗西斯和麦隆表示哀悼……并祝复活节快乐。