保罗·威廉姆斯(1952)的肖像(1952年)(照片由Gelatin Shulman,©J.Paul Getty Trust,Getty Research Institute,Los Angeles)

洛杉矶 - 南加州,Paul Revere Williams是有史以来最多的黑人美国建筑师之一。但对威廉姆斯的孙女,Karen Elyse Hudson,成长,他也是一个非常好的祖父。

“To others he is often referred to as ‘the architect to the stars,’ to his grandchildren, he was simply the best grandfather ever,” Hudson recalled her relationship with Williams in a June 30新闻稿announcing that the Williams archive had been jointly acquired by the University of Southern California (USC) School of Architecture and the Getty Research Institute (GRI).

A third-generation Angeleno and author who also doubles as the family historian, Hudson is responsible for meticulously managing her great-grandfather’s archive, which spans over 35,000 plans, 10,000 original drawings, blueprints, hand-colored renderings, photographs, correspondence, and other materials.

在近六十多年的职业生涯中,威廉姆斯为弗兰克斯拉,卢西尔球和Cary Grant等艺人和名人建造了家园,让他国际认可和绰号“,”建筑师向星星。“


Lucille Ball和Desi Arnaz House,Paul Springs,Paul R. Williams建筑师,建于1954-55(照片由朱利浦舒尔曼,明胶银版印刷,©J.Paul Getty Trust。Getty Research Institute,洛杉矶)

Moving forward, USC and GRI will be co-owners of the most significant and intact archive of an African American architect working in Southern California during the early and mid-20th century. The two institutions will oversee the conservation and digitization of the archive’s materials, which are said to be in “excellent condition.”

Born at842 Santee Street in Los Angeles in 1894,威廉姆斯在四岁时被孤儿。从1916年到1919年,他研究了USC的建筑工程,开始了学徒。虽然仍然在学校,威廉姆斯开始在建筑师亚瑟·凯莉(以设计为Wornboy Mansion West)和以后以众所周知的工作John C. Austin(世卫组织在推出自己的公司之前设计了La's City Hall和Shrine Auditorium)。

Today, Williams is widely considered the GOAT of Black architecture in Southern California due in part to his role in designing some of the city’s pillars of modern architecture, such as his redesign of the Beverly Hills Hotel (Williams built the Crescent Wing and is responsible for the color scheme, script logo, as well as the redesign of the Polo Lounge and Fountain Coffee Room). He also designed the interior of Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills and the relocated第一座教堂,当时最古老,最大的非洲裔美国教堂。

Beverly Hills Hotel Addition, Beverly Hills, Paul R. Williams architect, built 1949-50 (photo by Julius Shulman, Gelatin Silver Print, © J. Paul Getty Trust, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles)

Williams’s influence resonates the strongest in Los Angeles County, but he also worked on a significant number of national and international projects, including the Hotel Nutibara in Medellín, Colombia and the first federally sponsored public housing project in the country, Langston Terrace in Washington, DC.

一个主人迟到的现代设计- 一种建筑风格的架构与银外墙,反光玻璃,曲线和企业建筑 - 威廉姆斯的才能撒谎在他以各种风格工作的能力。相比之下,大多数建筑商在20世纪中期的专注于一种架构。

El Mirador Hotel, Palm Springs, Paul. R. Williams architect, built 1952-53 (photo 1953) (photo by Julius Shulman, 1953, Gelatin Silver Print, © J. Paul Getty Trust, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles)
El Mirador Hotel, Palm Springs, Paul. R. Williams architect, built 1952-53 (photo 1953) (photo by Julius Shulman, 1953, Gelatin Silver Print, © J. Paul Getty Trust, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles)

在他的职业生涯中,主要是为了他使用长水平线和曲线,威廉姆斯差不多2,000 private homesin Los Angeles alone and worked on over 3,000 projects, including celebrity homes, housing projects, municipal buildings, banks, and churches. His work played a significant role in defining the topography of his home city.

“The Los Angeles cityscape is a testament to Paul R. Williams’s lasting impact on Southern California and modern architecture in general,” Maristella Casciato, senior curator of architecture at GRI, said in the press release from USC and GRI.

Nellie Hirsch House,10800 Ambazac Way,Bel Air,Paul R. Williams建筑师,建于1933-34(照片由朱利浦舒尔曼,明胶银版印刷,©J.Paul Getty Trust,戈迪研究所,洛杉矶)

威廉姆斯建造了私人住宅,并致力于花哨的酒店,但他也建造了经济实惠的住房,并返回他的社区。他致力于几个与非洲裔美国社区强烈强烈谐振的显着项目,包括美国西部最大的非洲裔美国所有的保险公司,这是洛杉矶最古老的黑人会众,以及Pueblo del Rio neighborhood in Long Beach, which was designed to house African American defense industry workers in 1940.

Williams enjoyed a long and successful career in an industry that catered to whiteness. He often built homes for people in neighborhoods that he couldn’t legally live in. In order to find success in an unwelcoming industry, Williams learned how to draw upside down in front of clients and he kept his hands clasped behind his back when touring construction sites. He was always acutely aware of the role segregation played in his work.

Langston露台住宅在华盛顿特区(图像通过伟嘉imedia Commons)


Despite the odds, Williams became the first African American member of the American Institute of Architect (AIA) and, later, its first African American Gold Medalist, the AIA’s highest annual honor.

For the Getty Research Institute (GRI), the Williams archive will be a cornerstone for its African American Art History Initiative (AAAHI), which launched in 2018. The Williams archive will join the archives of Welton Becket, Pierre Koenig, John Lautner, Ray Kappe, Frank Israel, William Krisel, and Frank Gehry.


根据哈德森的说法,她的祖父会欢迎合作。“Paul Williams通过榜样,他的孩子和孙子们灌输了卓越的重要性,重视细节,最重要的是,家人,”她说。“两位如此尊敬的机构,南加州大学(USC)和Getty Research Institute(GRI)的合作,以保护和进一步遗留,将使我们的祖父非常自豪。”

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